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You’d expect that with over 50,000 job boards dedicated to connecting job seekers and employers, life would be easier for both sides. Unfortunately this is not the case. Instead, the online employment market has become highly fragmented, noisy and very inefficient. The PandoLogic vision and mission is to connect job seekers and employers as efficiently as possible. With this mission in mind, we have developed the best technology available in the market today and created a vast network of sites called TheJobNetwork, a partnership of thousands of job sites, giving employers and recruiters the highest exposure to their job ads. Here are some of the challenges faced by employers and our compelling solutions:

1. Market fragmentation - With tens of thousands of unconnected job sites operating on the web, job seekers and employers have never had a more difficult time connecting. For example, a nurse in one location may find one of these job sites and post her resume. A hospital from the same location may find another job site and post its job. Because these two job sites are, in general, not connected, the hospital and the nurse do not find each other, leaving both sides disappointed and frustrated. PandoLogic has created a network of over 1000 powered-by job sites, all using a common database of both jobs and candidates. In addition, PandoLogic has agreements with thousands of third-party job boards to which it sends jobs, resulting in an unprecedented exposure for jobs and candidates. TheJobNetwork connects jobs and people across hundreds of industries and locations throughout North America. Now the nurse and the hospital can easily connect, while the two participating websites that connected them benefit as well. Value is created for everyone – the employer posting the job, the candidate looking for the job, and the websites that brought each to the common network. By centralizing the online employment market, jobs and people can connect. The network includes a variety of local, vertical and niche sites, as well as a wide variety of social networks and blogs.

2. Separating active and passive candidates – Traditional job sites force employers to choose between posting a job and searching a resume database (with each activity carrying its own price). In our experience employers want to reach the most qualified candidates regardless of their job seeking status, so job sites price these separately as a revenue generating ploy. PandoLogic combines the process of posting a job and searching a resume database into one seamless operation. After posting a job it is immediately and automatically matched with passive candidates from our database of candidates from the entire TheJobNetwork. At the same time, the job is also featured across the entire network and begins to attract active candidates who apply for the job. Employers see these passive (matched) candidates and candidates who apply to the posted position, all within the same intuitive employer interface. Our combined process replaces the need to search separately or pay extra fees.

3. Keyword Search Technology – Keyword search technology was designed to cross-reference large numbers of documents, not to connect job seekers and employers. Oddly enough, the two-way matching technology offered by online dating sites more closely emulates the dynamic needed to reciprocally match jobs with people. It’s not enough that the preferences of one side be satisfied. Both side’s preference must be met for a match to occur. This is the advantage of the PandoLogic technology. The PandoLogic technology is based on a comprehensive taxonomy of job titles and skills that is used by job seekers and employers alike to define their professional credentials and job requirements respectively. The technology uses both information entered by the users, as well as information found on the resumes and the job description. Using artificial intelligence the system screens, ranks and grades the candidates. The best candidates and applicants automatically rise to the top so you can concentrate on recruiting and not on managing a tidal wave of unqualified applicants. The result is a completely new experience for employers. Job seekers benefit from a similar experience when they look for a job.

4. Pay to post pricing model – The antiquated pay-to-post pricing model places all the risk on the employer with no guarantee of results. The employer posts a job and hopes (and prays) that the posting generates good prospects. Payment has been made regardless of whether any qualified candidates respond to the posting. This risky pricing model has left a wake of disappointed employers which causes many small and medium size companies to be very selective where they post their job openings – making it that much harder for candidates to find the jobs in the first place. PandoLogic and its partners don’t charge for this portion of the service. All hourly and salaried positions can be posted on TheJobNetwork absolutely free. Employers are then provided the matching candidate profiles (with contact information removed) for them to review. When the employer is convinced that PandoLogic can deliver the type of candidates that meet their definition of qualified, it makes the buying process easy. Employers can choose to purchase a Resume Viewing Package and access all the resumes they like. The point is, if an employer doesn’t like the candidates we present, they can walk away knowing they haven’t spent a dime. In contrast, when an employer pays upfront and is disappointed, the money has already been irreversibly spent. PandoLogic’s risk-free model results in more jobs for candidates to match against and apply to and a risk free pricing model for employers. Another win-win. PandoLogic has quickly become a leader in the online recruitment space by changing the way jobs are posted, distributed and found. We thought the time had come for some fundamental changes to take place in the online employment advertising market and we hope you’ll agree. We’d welcome your feedback. Email us

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